Southern California based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chad Benekos is a man of mystery and power, whose power is only exceeded by his mystery.   Not much is known about where or when he was born.  Friends say he attended high school in Fullerton, California…. although no records of that exist.  He disappeared from family and friends between the years 1993 and 2002.  In that time it's believed he traveled with a band of gypsies through 27 countries. 

That band of gypsies was called (hed)p.e.  

Evidence shows that he reappeared on the music scene in a band called humanlab in 2002. Signed by Atlantic Records, they played extensively for a two year period. Unfortunately the record company decided to not release their album and most, if not all, video and photographic evidence of this band is believed to be locked in a bunker in the mountainous region of Whitefish, Montana.

Chad has been known to pop up here and there with small acoustic shows but his whereabouts at this time are unknown. It's even been reported he was working as a waiter in a Greek restaurant in Newport Beach, Ca. but these claims have not been proven.  Friends also report that he had claimed to work for Costco Wholesale although that too seems unlikely. 

All we know for sure is that he possesses an uncanny ability to write clever songs and every once in a while a new song will get posted online.

Also he is very handsome. 

It's believed he collaborates with another mysterious artist, Cody Requejo, in a project called The Pharmacy Keys.  Chad has neither confirmed nor denied this.