I Can't Do What You Want Me To

OK so this may be hard to explain but.... a few years ago I wrote a song called "I Can't Do What You Want Me To'. It was always meant to be a duet with a female vocal singing the second verse and harmony on the chorus, but I never found the right girl to sing it. I thought the song was so cool though, so I worked up a version to perform by myself and I even remember doing it a few times around town. Well, recently I thought it might be cool to bring that song back for my next show... but it's in some weird alternate guitar tuning that I made up back then and I've been trying to remember what it was!! I guess I never wrote it down. I'm so stupid!! Anyhow, I've been super frustrated all week because every night I've been tuning my guitar all kinds of ways and cannot find it. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING. I wrote that song around the same time that one of my greatest friends BC Vaught asked me and Wesley Geer to play some music at his mothers memorial, which I considered a huge honor. I remember I went to Ben's house the night before and worked out all the music and lyrics with him and when we were finished we got good and drunk. Some months later, his step dad was nice enough to track me down and return my lyrics book that I had left behind at his house. This was a few years ago... In a desperate attempt to find that stupid tuning, I dug that book up tonight and guess what? I FOUND IT!!!!!! I HAD WRITTEN IT DOWN!! I wasn't disappointed either... it still sounds rad.