Secret Album from 2002. 

A few years ago I found an old CD that had around 20 songs I was working on for an album back in 2002.  I thought about releasing it but decided against it because it's so raw and innocent sounding…


Here's the video I made for the song Changes. For this one, I captured all of the footage entirely on my phone while traveling through Greece. I recorded the acoustic guitars typically with a close mic. The electric guitar was…


Running Up A Hill 

I'm leaving for Greece in a few days and I'm afraid I'll forget this new song I'm working on… so I just recorded it in like 10 minutes. Check it out if want…. maybe I'll redo it when I get…

The Duress albums

Hi guys!  It's been brought to my attention that some of you have purchased the download of Duress - The Time Is Now album and haven't been able to download it.  Sorry for the confusion… I haven't made The Time

Kicking off 2015 in style

Ah yes…. another new year to look forward to.  I'll be playing my first show of 2015 this Friday night along with two of my favorite bands, Allensworth and Sir Madam.
I'm pretty excited to have both of them…

Happy Holidays! 

Is it just me or did this year go by really fast?  

Seriously…. it feels like the end of the year just kind of crept up on me.
Anyways, I hope this holiday season is treating everyone to good vibes…

I Can't Do What You Want Me To

OK so this may be hard to explain but.... a few years ago I wrote a song called "I Can't Do What You Want Me To'. It was always meant to be a duet with a female vocal singing the…

Live Performance! 

Just booked my next live show!  Saturday, August 30th at Gallaghers in downtown Huntington Beach. Make plans to come hang out!


Alright! So there's 9 songs added to the music page!  Trust me there is much more to come. I've made it so you can set your own price or even download them for free. So what are ya waiting for…


Here it is guys... my first blog!  Let's see.... I'm trying to get this website all hooked up with lots of cool stuff for ya. Expect a lot of music!